About Us

Phenomenal Body was founded in San Diego, CA by holistic enthusiast Dashala. Throughout life, she loved creating all natural products by only using mother-nature's ingredients. Having sensitive skin and frequent breakouts from big box store products inspired our founder to create and share Phenomenal organic products with the world.

Our company's mission is to inspire and uplift those who are on a spiritual or holistic journey. We aim to make that journey worthwhile, by handcrafting all of our products with nothing but the best ingredients. At Phenomenal Body, we strive to provide quality, natural, ethically sourced, chemical free ingredients. Our main goal for our products is to inspire customers to create an effortless self-care routine. Self-care is an important conscious act an individual chooses in order to promote and maintain a Phenomenal Body!

Dashala's love for candles and lovely smells inspired adding a candle collection to the mix. Candle making was a challenging yet rewarding journey for our founder. Made with chemical free ingredients, our hand-poured candle collections are also made to elevate your self-care routine through the use of positive affirmations, amazing aromas and metaphysical elements. We believe uplifting one's spirit adds to a healthy and balanced life, so get ready to enjoy good vibes with our all natural handcrafted products!